These are just a few of the projects Total Home Renewables have completed across Northern Ireland.


Another 4kw in Gilford. We are proud to say that 80% of our business comes from customer reccomendations, we believe this is due to our no hassle, all inclusive service, value for money and attention to detail.



A nice 4kw Agricultural system installed recently in Clough near Ballymena.
This customer did a lot of research before choosing an installer so we were delighted that she chose us.




This happy customer has beaten the proposed cuts to the NIROCS incentive scheme with a 4kw All German solar panel system from Total Home Renewables.




Two 4kw systems in Carrickfergus - which one was installed by us??
Yes you guessed it the All Black German system on the left is ours, not only does our system look 100 times better than a standard system but it is more efficient.




Our installation teams are experts in fitting panels to slate roofs. Notice how we remove slates before we fit the roof brackets then dress each bracket with lead and also replace any damaged slates as part of the service.




4kw system in Carrickfergus, this customer was fed up with the pathetic interest rate of 0.9% which he was achieving on his savings. We were able to offer him a 15% tax-free return, guaranteed by the Government for the next 20 years!




Tandragee 4kw System. A retired engineer wanted nothing but the highest quality equipment. After obtaining 10 quotes, he finally heard about Total Home Renewables and the rest as they say "is history".




Glenarm, County Antrim. This customer had money sitting in a cash isa earning close to zero interest. Our solar panel system will give him a TAX-FREE return on his investment of over 15% for the next 20 years.




4kw system on stables in Portadown, with an extra £1100 tax-free income per year for the next 20 years this switched-on horse lover can now afford to spoil his ponies!!!




4kw ground mount system in Ballymena - Mr Kelly wanted to utilise the paddock beside his house meaning his panels would be facing in the perfect direction.



Newtownabbey 4kw system installed in 1 day. This system will earn its owner over £1000 per year in tax free income for the next 20 years.




2.5kw system in Newtownabbey - have a small roof? Don't worry our high output panels enable us to get you the highest output possible from limited roof space.




3.5 kw system in Warrenpoint. Spread the cost and have a system installed with no upfront deposit or costs.




8kw Agricultural System, Ballymena.




4kw 16 panel system in Carrickfergus - notice how our All Black German panels blend in with the roof far better than the usual solar panels you will see on other installations.