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In looking at this page, you are taking a great step towards energy independence.


We can help any business to make a positive investment in demand-reduction technologies that will help reduce overheads. We have done this to a great extent with our own business and premises and now we are no longer susceptible to price increases in energy. Since installing a 20kw system at our factory we now generate a saving of £3000 per year. We use a huge amount each year because of the factory machinery.


Many finance officers are significantly underestimating the returns from renewable energy and demand reduction investments. The Carbon Trust estimates that £1.6bn or more per year could be saved by reducing energy bills. We can help your business avoid these losses.


From a home office to industrial premises and every scale in between, well-conceived renewable energy installations and efficiency upgrades can demonstrate guaranteed savings to the bottom line.

Deciding to make the move to independence from fossil-fuel cost increases needn't be arduous. We specialise in integrating the technologies we offer, from heat pumps to biomass for heating, to solar for hot water or clean electricity. Imagine the arrival of a letter from your energy supplier giving you money, and providing a reliable and predictable cash-flow, instead of a money-drain increasing year after year as energy prices increase exponentially.


If you don't want to make the initial capital expenditure, we can help. We work with an experienced provider of renewable energy finance to offer hire lease, lease purchase, asset or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) packages.


Why choose Total Home Renewables as your partner? We are different from our competitors; we don't believe that cheapness equals value; we only supply products that have been due-diligence tested at every level, and many of our products are on fully functional display at our offices; we are open and transparent about what we do and we take the time to establish long-term working relationships that allow mutual understanding to develop.


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